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Soulmarcosa's Funky Sole playlist 11/7/09

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Soulmarcosa's Funky Sole playlist 11/7/09

Patsy Gallant: Tout Va Trop Vite (LP)
Hank Ballard: Annie Had A Baby (45)
The Mighty Hannibal: Get in the Groove (45)
Banbarra: Shack Up (45)
Jimmy Norman: Gangster of Love pt. 1 (45)
Séverine: Je Suis Bien La Même (Am I The Same Girl?) (45)
Serge Gainsbourg: Chatterton (45)
Los Albas: Bugulu (45)
Manteca: Tremendo Boogaloo (45)
Charly Antolini: Uela-Uela (45)
Respect: Soul Entertainer (LP)
Carlos Morgan: Shake Your Body (12")
Taggy Matcher: My Adidas (45)
Polito Y Su Conjunto: Cumbia De La Zorra (45)
New Holidays: Maybe So, Maybe No (45)
Ray Hines: Is It Something That You Got (45)
Sylvia Smith: Superbad (LP)
Johnny Thompson: Mainsqueeze (45)
Piney Brown: Bring It On Home (45)
O.V. Wright: Ace of Spade (45)
Los Iracundos: Un Buscavidos Como Yo (LP)
Paul Serrano & His Orchestra: Latin Soul (45)
Nico Gomez And His Afro-Percussion Inc.: Cuba Libre (LP)
Charlie Palmieri: Fat Papa (LP)
Joey Pastrano (sic) and his Orchestra: Let's Ball (LP)
Circulos: Para Siempre (Get Ready) (45)
Trúbrot: Ég Veit Ao Pu Kemúr (45)
Senay: Gerçek Nerde (45)
Nuevas Ideas: Me Tienes Pendiente De Ti (You Keep Me Hanging On) (45)
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