dj marco (solidfunknc) wrote,
dj marco

It's f*re Marco Day (And Everybody's Celebratin)

I got laid off from my job yesterday so I celebrated by cleaning the apartment for the gf and dropping by Records LA to complete a trade.

Missed Horace Andy the other night at The Echo 'cos I was short on cash... so I picked up his 12" and a few dub albums:

More bollywood craziness courtesy Unconventional Science:

Hey... your rock is in my soul... is in my bollywood:

Clockwise from top left: Jimmy McCracklin, James Anderson, Parliament, Edd Henry, Lee Dorsey, a bootleg from Danny Holloway, and Georgie Fame.

Clockwise from top: Rudy Ray Moore, Toño Quirazco, Fugi, Syl Johnson, a weird bootleg of "Djebel-Aissa", and Fergurson Davis and Jones.

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