dj marco (solidfunknc) wrote,
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DJ Soulmarcosa Setlist - Funky Sole 7/9/11

DJ Soulmarcosa Setlist - Funky Sole 7/9/11
w/ DJ Soft Touch and Music Man Miles - The Echo, LA CA

Pedro & Capricious: Superstition (LP)
Manual B. Holcolm: I Stayed Away Too Long (45)
Parliament: Red Hot Mama (45)
The Golden Fourth: Hey Big Brother / Sing A Simple Song medley (LP)
Syl Johnson: Kiss By Kiss (45)
Moses Dillard and the Tex-Town Display: You Just Can't Laugh It Off (LP) - CAROLINA SOUL
Lori Burton: Gotta Make You Love Me (LP)
Tempo 70: El Galleton (LP)
Nico Gomez: Baila Chibiquiban (45)
Matata: I Want You (45)
Edd Henry: Soul Socking Time Baby Part II (45)
Essence of Truth: Gator Time (45) - CAROLINA SOUL
Polito Y Su Conjunto: Cumbia De La Zorra (45)
Quantic & Nickodemus feat. Tempo & The Candela Allstars: Mi Swing Es Tropical (ZEB's Reggae Remix) (12")
Freddie McKay: Picture on the Wall (LP)
Carlos Morgan: Shake Your Body (12")
Taggy Matcher: My Adidas (45)
Séverine: Je Suis Bien La Même (Am I The Same Girl?) (45)
Lee Dorsey: Four Corners Part I (45)
Freddy-Henchi & The Soulsetters: Popcorn Baby (45)
Eldridge Holmes: Pop, Popcorn Children (45)
Bobby Byrd: If You Don't Work You Can't Eat (45)
Third Membrane: I'm Getting To You Baby (45) - CAROLINA SOUL
Patsy Gallant: Tout Va Trop Vite (LP)
Sakura: Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (LP)
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