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DJ SOULMARCOSA setlist - FUZZ 1/27/12

DJ SOULMARCOSA setlist - FUZZ 1/27/12

w/ Daedelus, Strangers Family Band, DJ Expo

at The Echo, Los Angeles CA

This was a great inaugural session for Danny Holloway's new FREE psych DJ + band night FUZZ, with around 200+ attendees. By 9pm there was already a line outside the venue, dancing started at my 10th song and  never let up from there. For me, it was a blast playing these worldwide mod/garage/psych/freakbeat classics to a non-mod crowd that was totally up for dancing to old sounds that were new to them. Here's hoping for another edition next month! (PS thanks to the NEOGANDA crew for the support!)


Total of 54 tracks from approx. 9:30pm - 11:30pm

Paul Revere & The Raiders: Rain, Sleet, Snow - LP

Meiko Kaji: Hitori Kaze - LP

Black Merda: Cynthy-Ruth

Paul Jones: The Dog Presides

Earth and Fire: Memories

Poe: Automatic Writing - LP

The Dragons: Heart Transplantation

Mary Holmes: Soul Brother

Nancy: Trying To Keep From Crying

I Bisacquei: Kalooky

The Mops: Asamade Matenai (I Can't Wait)

Zümrüt: Siz Erkekler (Unchain My Heart)

Satin Bells: Come C'mon

The Frank Popp Ensemble: Hip Teens Don't Wear Blue Jeans

The Mindbenders: The Morning After

Sandwich: For I Know

Nino Ferrer: Mao Et Moa

Alice Dona: C'est Pas Prudent

Grupa ABC: Chce Ci Dac Zachwyconych Oczu Blask (I Want to Give You My Admiration)

Circulos: Para Siempre (Get Ready)

Andre Williams: You Got It And I Want It

Chang Loo: Calypso Blues

The Apple: Doctor Rock

Moving Sidewalks: 99th Floor

Curiosity Shoppe: Baby I Need You

The Chords: Hush

Los Buenos: De Mi Niña

Nico Gomez: Baila Chibiquiban

Plastic Penny: Baby You're Not To Blame

Therapy: Stoney Mountain

Kim Fowley: Bubble Gum

Lifeforce: The Freeze

Assemblage: Satisfaction

Helen Gamboa: Somebody To Love

Trúbrot: Ég Veit Ao Pu Kemúr

Senay: Gerçek Nerde

Jocy: Dans Les Dix Premiers (Top Twenty)

The Lions of Juda: Katja

Shane Martin: One And One

Jun Mayuzumi: Black Room

Essence of Truth: Gator Time

Claude François: Reste (Beggin')

Jacques Dutronc: Le Responsable

The Good Rats: The Hobo

The Inclines: The Hippie

Help: Run Away

The Jerms: Baby, Baby, Love

Les Scarabees: Puisque Tu M'as Quitté (Nothing But A Heartache)

Skip Bifferty: On Love

Small Faces: I Can't Dance With You

The Sorrows: Verde, Rosso, Giallo E Blu

The Cherry Slush: I Cannot Stop You

Jigsaw: One Way Street

Guitar Slim: Mini Boogaloo 

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